The Platform dedicated to the Travel Industry

Start Up Your Business Instantly

Without employing Expensive Developer 


Easily Access and Integrate

To Different Contents

Travel Agency can create different type of dynamic packages combining different contents like:

  • Hotel without transport
  • Packages without trasport
  • Flights
  • Accomodation or package
  • Type of Board
  • Type of Rooms
  • Activities & Transfers
  • Yield Services
  • Insurances

Stay focus on your business, we provide you the technology to do it.


Full Control Of Each Component

From the dashboard, Travel Agency can control different compenents like:

  • Categories
  • Locations
  • Flights
  • Availabilities
  • Prices
  • Close Out Dates
  • Add your own production
  • Personalized communications
  • Users
  • Different Offers
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Amounts


Traveller will create their own personal package

Your customers will have an easy interface where they can navigate, choose and personalise their own offers including: 

  • Product Catalog
  • Categories
  • Flight Options
  • Baggages
  • Type of Rooms
  • Type of board
  • Services 
  • Tours and Experiences
  • Detailed information for each service
  • Payment Solutions

Trawel is a platform dedicated to travel industry.

It enables professionals to produce, administrate, distribute and manage a complete leisures offer on every distribution channels