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A New Sales Approach To Your Business




It’s a new sales approach that allows a Non-Refundable rate for the Hotel and a Refundable Rate for the Traveller.



Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Village, Resort, Travel Agencies and all the Companies that sell travel packages or accommodations registered on the Smart Option Platform  available at this link:


Traveller that want to protect the value of the services purchased (travel package, overnight stay, etc.)


Bookings registered by the Partner in the Smart Option Platfom (

Detailed description:

It’s an optional cancellation policy for customers who have to cancel or change a trip booked for causes or events, objectively documentable, unpredictable to the

time of booking up to 24 hours before the check in date.

How it works

Partner Affiliation:

Partner has to register the Company filling the form with all the information requested on the Smart Option Platform at this link: www

Once registered, the Partner receives via email the credentials to access to the platform and to register their applications.

Activation of the Smart Option:

Partner has to insert the booking details in the Smart Option Application form.

Once the form is submitted:

The Partner receive via email:

  • the confirm of the service activation and application ID;
  • the invoice for the Commission Fee.

The Customer receive via email:

  • the Smart Option activation with all the useful information to manage the service.
    • In case there’s no contact details, Better Bookings provides to the Partner all the information to forward the service details to the customers

What is covered:


The customer is insured in case he or she has to cancel or

change a trip booked for causes or events, objectively documentable, unpredictable at the time of the booking that hit him or his travel companion.


We reimburse up to the 50% of the costs incurred for

purchase new air, naval or rail tickets, in replacement of those the traveller lost for causes or events that hit him or his travel companion.

The maximum coverage is 150.00 euros per person per travel package.

Which are the coverage limits:


The cancellation penalty will be refunded to customer:

-             In full, in case of cancellation as a result of hospitalization or death;

-             With the deductible of 25% of the total amount covered with a deductible of 70.00 Eur per application and 20,00 Eur for ticket flights for all the other causes.

What is not included

Fraud, Medical causes already running at the time of booking, complications and consequences of injuries occurred before time of booking, causes or events that can’t be documentable evidences, deposit or amount without not justified by fiscal documents, Situations of war, invasion, strikes, riots, acts of terrorism, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,

weather phenomena with characteristics of calamities, transmutation of the atom's nucleus, radiation caused by artificial particle acceleration, epidemics with characteristics of pandemic, severity and virulence that would lead to a high mortality or restrictive measures to reduce the risk of transmission to the civilian population, quarantine, atomic bombs.

Who is covered and Where

Option is valid all traveller, in all Countries.

Better Bookings is not required to provide coverage and is not obligated to pay compensation or recognize any benefit provided by the service if the provision of such coverage, payment of that Compensation or recognition of that benefit exposes Better Bookings to sanctions, prohibitions or restrictions provided by specific nations or to trade, economic or revocation measures determined by laws or regulations of the European Union, the United Kingdom or USA.

Partner Obligations

Registering an application:

make accurate and complete submission of the online form providing all the mandatory information requested.

Register the application within 48 hours by the booking date.

During the coverage period:

Report any changes that increase the risk

 Non-observance of these rules could determine the full or partial loss of the customer rights of refunding.


There’s a commission fee of the 3% (VAT not included) of the booking amount registered.

Who pay the fee

The amount is paid by the Partner regularly registered on the platform.

When and How to pay

Invoices have to be paid on biweekly based. In case the application has the check in the next 7 days, the amount have to be paid immediately.

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or Credit Card (Credit Cards processing fee can be charged on the final invoice).

When the service begins and ends

Service begins the date of the registration of the booking on the Smart Option platform at this link: and it’s end at 12.00 pm of the day before the check in date.

There’s no automatic renewal.

Service Owner

Better Bookings Ltd


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