Better Bookings is one of the travel industry’s fastest growing companies.

Through our cutting edge technology, we provide highly competitive net rates on an inventory of hotels, transfer’s and activities worldwide. ​

With many suppliers, Better Bookings is able to provide great availability, rates and is the perfect medium for tour operators, travel agencies and Hotels to increase their business.

Numerous worldwide tour operators, travel agencies and Hotels are already benefiting by using Better Bookings services.

Now, Better Bookings moves a step ahead transforming the Company in a Hospitality Business Solution Provider.

Using the four business divisions, Hotels, travel agencies, tour operators and OTA’s have access to a wide range of solutions to cover their business needs:

SALES: The sales outsourcing service that represents your business by managing all your sales, from database, to lead generation until closing the deal.

MARKETING: We can put you in contact with more than 20 Millions travellers. Creativity and communication are the foundations that support our projects and that allow us to bring competitive advantage to our customers.

TECHNOLOGY: ​ We speak different IT languages. Bookings systems, white label solutions, CRM allow to start your online travel business instantly without the need to employ expensive developers.

SMART OPTION: Differentiate your offers: the non-refundable booking for you and refundable for your guests.

Better Bookings head office is in UK and it has local offices in Italy and Romania. ​

The key to our success is faith in strong partnership’s, outstanding customer service combined with exceptional rates, availability and state of the art technology.

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